Darren D. Sun


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Darren Sun obtained his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of New South Wales, Australia in 1993. His research interests include (1) environmental applications and implication of nanomaterials, (2) membrane separation for desalination, water reclamation and water quality control, (3) engineered hybrid multifunctional membrane for sustainable production of water and energy. Darren was the recipient of the IWA Innovation Award 2008 (East Asia and Pacific) from International Water Association (June 2008), Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2008 from Institute of Engineering Singapore (Sept 2008) for excellence in pilot scale water research using hybrid nanostractured TiO2 microsphere and membrane system, and Nanyang Award for Innovation and Research 2009 from Nanyang Technological University (Feb 2010) for excellence in fabrication of flexible TiO2 nanofiber/tube/wire membrane. Externally, Darren is a Chair for International Water Associate (IWA) Specialist Group on Chemical Industries, Editor for Water Science and Technology.